“Too old for the job”

I was (if I remember correctly) in my mid ’30s and I was looking for work as a secretary. One day I spotted an ad for a company, close to my house and the qualifications match. So, I made an appointment, dressed up nicely and I went with a positive attitude! After I waited a little while, the manager came, I gave my CV to him and he checked it thoroughly. He asked me a few questions, I answered but he ended the conversation with the quote “You’re too old for the job?” I was so socked I didn’t respond, I was embarassed by his manners and attitude! This incident is in my memory until this day and is haunting me because age is a factor you can’t do anything about. I know that in other countries like Sweden for example, is forbidden to ask questions about your age or your family status but in Greece the situatin is completely different. Even now, one of the first qualifications for a job is age and normally is written in the beginning of the ad.
Today I’m 47 years old and still looking. I still live in Greece, in the “crisis era” where it’s even more difficult to find a job. If I was “too old for the job” in my 35, now I’m a DINOSAUR!